WSORCA - Washington State Organized Retail Crime Association
What is the Washington State Organized Retail Crime Alliance
  • The Washington State Organized Retail Crime Alliance was developed out of the efforts of local law enforcement throughout the Washington State area.
    Beginning in November of 2010, several large 'booster' crews were systematically hitting multiple malls and retail stores.  These crews were very organized and profitable; averaging between $5,000 and $10,000 per week in thefts.
  • As Law Enforcement closed in on these crews, they realized their efforts would be best served if they worked together.  Based on this case and increasing levels of organized retail crime activity throughout the state, officers from various police agencies throughout the area realized it would be beneficial to create a monthly forum to share intelligence and provide enhanced training on this new wave of retail crime.
  • At first the intention was to bring together law enforcement to share their investigations.  It soon became apparent that bringing in loss prevention and security professionals would not only enhance the sharing of information, but would improve overall investigations and ultimate convictions.
  • The result is the Washington State Organized Retail Crime Alliance, a data sharing website designed to identify, track and ultimately prosecute the offenders.
  • We invite you to contribute...